2009.03.12 22:16 Doll Work
Nowadays, I`m upgrading body of my dolls for better poseabilities.
Maybe some joints will be changed. I will post some of pix soon.
This photo is when I was making some head sculpts.
from left, Louise, Mabel and Estella. I kept changing their faces.
but I think Louise on this photo is very similar to present one.
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2009.03.12 22:04 Living in Korea

I went to Seoul with my frined to buy some metarials for my doll work.
and after buying, we just wander some places in Seoul.
Actually, I`m living in a city next to Seoul, it takes about only 10 minutes to enter Seoul. but this is a very big city, so It takes much more time to go mid of Seoul.
I think Korea public transportation system is cheap and good.
But It`s really bad when it`s rush hour...

See my photos in Seoul.
I took of many photos of Korea Traditional Buildings like Palaces.
Of course there are many super high buildings too in Seoul.

This is Cheongyea-stream. it`s in mid of roads..
Many people take a rest by this..

From Here, Kyungbok-Palace photos.
I didn`t enter the palace paying fee, but there is a museum and it`s free this year.
So I just went there only.

See more photos

It was a cold day...
It is like spring now, but it`s still cold yet.
Sometimes I walk so much...and I get very tired..
This day, I walked so much again...

Maybe someday I will go Kyungbok palace again...and I will enter...
Fee is 3000\ (About US $2.00)..
I didn`t enter, so this photos are only parts of them..
I think it will be much bigger..
If I have a chance, I will post again with better photos.

Thank you!

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2009.03.06 01:02 About Mazarine

Hello, I want to introduce myself to you.
My name is Jungsuk Ko, and people call me Mazarine.
I know my real name isn`t easy to read, so you can call me Mazarine.
I`m the maker of Mazarine Blue Doll, 16" Ball Jointed Fashion Doll which is made of Resin.
I have some frineds who work for my dolls together, and one of them told me to build my blog to show my works to you, so I decided to make this.
I will show various things thru this blog.
I already have my website, but blog is easier to post about my works.

I`m living in south Korea, I`ve always done arts.
and I started to build my dolls a few years ago.
when I was in high school, I saw some barbie dolls by a chance, and I became a fan of fashion dolls.
Since then I used to make some clothes or furnitures or doll houses for my dolls.
and finally I started to make my doll on my own. Nowadays I make dolls, but sometimes I still make some outfits for them for fun.

I will keep posting many things, so please visit often.

Thank you and God bless.


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