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2015.05.13 22:10 About Mazarine

I'm not updating this blog a lot anymore.

My instagram @mbluedoll


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2012.12.15 13:10 About Mazarine



There can be a chance that I can share my latest project a little with you before this year is over!

but it doesn't mean that this project is almost finished.
Though I can show you a little, I will need more time.
just want to share!

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2012.11.14 17:21 About Mazarine



I'm working on secret projects.
I think It will take a few months.
I have done a lot already, but need more time because this is not only one.
I guess there will be no more 'New' dolls till I finish the projects.
I think I'll start making new dolls for sale after the projects.
But, you still can order my dolls-Dahl and Elsa.

When I finish these projects, I'll share with you!
I hope I can finish these secret projects very soon and all of you will love these!!

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2012.07.13 11:20 About Mazarine

Elsa is included with a title 'Korean Butterfly' in August issue of HAUE DOLL magazine.
My first gift version Elsa and Chasing a Butterfly (which will go for sale very soon) are shown.
They both were restyled by Adrian Cardozo with a few very beautiful gowns.
He suggested theme of 'Butterfly' and he got them restyled in this theme.
Actually I designed 'Chasing a butterfly' for this magazine, but the prototype wig and gown were delayed

so He restyled her beautifully.
So my finished version of Chasing a butterfly isn't in this magazine,
But you can see my dolls beautifully restyled in Haute Doll.

Please visit http://hautedoll.com


Dolls will go for sale on 16th, July (Next monday morning-Korean Time)

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2011.12.16 11:46 About Mazarine

I just finished making new doll! And I sent her to the factory.
I will see her in beautiful resin soon. but she will NOT go for sale right away.
I have a project that I have to do before I make a doll for sale.
I hope people will be surprised by my project and enjoy this!
Maybe you will see what my project is early next year.

My work was delayed because I had a couple of troubles in my personal life.
I lost my dog that had lived with me for 11 years.
She was so healthy in summer and we had a trip to sea together.
but she became very thin and she didn`t eat a lot in fall, 
so I purchased some dog foods that she would really love but she didn`t eat them a lot too.
Her change was so fast. and I took her to a veterinary hospital.
The veterinary said she`s so old and she got cancer.
She had a neuter surgery last winter beacuse she had lumps in her breasts.
and He said she was clean then and she got it suddenly.
and he said he can`t operate on her and trying to heal her would make her so difficult...
so just make her feel she`s been loved so much...
and he said she will live for 3~4 months maybe but I lost her after 1 week only.
she wagged her tail so brightly at last time. 
I couldn`t work for a while after losing her.
My biggest worry was that there can be nobody at her last moment...
but I and my brother could see her last moment gratefuly.
It was really sad....

and there were other thing that made me exhausted.
so it took more time than I expected but I`m so grateful that I made it.

Anyway I hope I can show you new doll in resin and entire work process article very soon.
Many people liked my process article about my graduation doll exhibition.
So I will make another article about process. but It will come after my first doll to be shown to people.

Thank you for your visit.
God bless.
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2010.12.25 12:22 About Mazarine

'I have come into the world as a light,
so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.'(John12:46)

Christmas day!! Joy to the world!
Thank you Jesus for coming for me and the whole world! You are the light indeed!
Let Your light shine upon the world.

Nowadays I`m enjoying new music of Mariah Carey,
and I`m making a new doll. Let me show you my new doll 2011.
and I`m gonna go Doll Fair in Korea this winter again.
I`ll post many photos of various dolls of the fair.
I`ve uploaded a lot of photos of former shows at my website,
please visit to see them http://mazarine-d.com

Thank you, God bless.

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2010.05.22 22:46 About Mazarine
It`s been long time after my last article. ye...it was about 'Snow'...
I already wrote on Prego before, but I didn`t write on my blog or website.
Now that I `m making a notice here...

'Chu' was my latest doll and it has been more than 2 months since I showed you her.
and I gotta say, I`m not making dolls currently.
I`m very busy now, and I`ll be off for several weeks because of my private life.
So I can`t get plenty of time to make new doll.
I just made a little parts like ball joints. and I need to make some more joints for new doll.
So there will be no more dolls for a while.
and I hope I can make new beautiful girl and show you someday...
Some of you have been watching me and you would know I`ve worked hard and improved a lot.
I`m gonna show you better dolls as fast as possible.

Thank you.
God bless


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2009.06.18 11:59 About Mazarine

I had small interview with Cliff who is running Fashion Doll Empire Blog, which is huge doll blog.
It was nice and funny experience for me to have interview and
Cliff is very kind and nice guy as you know on :-)

Please visit Cliff`s blog

and Here is the article about me.


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2009.03.06 01:02 About Mazarine

Hello, I want to introduce myself to you.
My name is Jungsuk Ko, and people call me Mazarine.
I know my real name isn`t easy to read, so you can call me Mazarine.
I`m the maker of Mazarine Blue Doll, 16" Ball Jointed Fashion Doll which is made of Resin.
I have some frineds who work for my dolls together, and one of them told me to build my blog to show my works to you, so I decided to make this.
I will show various things thru this blog.
I already have my website, but blog is easier to post about my works.

I`m living in south Korea, I`ve always done arts.
and I started to build my dolls a few years ago.
when I was in high school, I saw some barbie dolls by a chance, and I became a fan of fashion dolls.
Since then I used to make some clothes or furnitures or doll houses for my dolls.
and finally I started to make my doll on my own. Nowadays I make dolls, but sometimes I still make some outfits for them for fun.

I will keep posting many things, so please visit often.

Thank you and God bless.


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