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2014.04.11 15:09 Living in Korea

A friend of mine invited me and another friend for lunch in her home.
So I visited her home in a long time and they love my dolls so much, so I brought Carmen and Madison with me.

She made Phat-thai, Thai rice noodle for lunch and lovely red tea and pumpkin pie as dessert.

She enjoys cooking so we can taste her foods like muffins or cookies when we meet up :-)

She also loves fashion and fashion photography. She sends me a lot of fashion photos for my doll works, too.
Yesterday, we had a nice dolly play time. She is good at photograph and Carmen and Madison became her models happily.

I just made this silk dress for this play time.
Silk taffeta with a lot of beads and sequins.

This dress is not for sale.

She also made a couple of Channel paper bags in my doll scale.
This blonde curly wig was made by Ilaria and it's one of my fave wigs.

Model: Simply Madison

When we saw this photo on monitor, we were all like "Wow!!"

Just like a magazine cover.
Wig by Ilaria.
Model and Fur: Hermosa Carmen
Necklace : Hermosa Carmen and OOAK necklace by my friend.

This photo was Wow for us, too.
It looks like a campaign on Magazine.
Model & Necklace: Hermosa Carmen
Wig: Ilaria

Dress: Simply Madison

I love profile of her.
I always try to make beautiful profiles on my dolls.

Madison and Carmen.
Red wig also by Ilaria.

It was a nice time with my lovely friends and they are very supportive for me and my dolls. I'm so glad.

I'm sorry they are not new dolls ;-)
I'm working on new things and it will be revealed within a couple of weeks.
I hope you'll love this new one, too.

I was making one Asian head sculpt, but you know other artists released beautiful Asian faces recently.
SO I'm not sure I'll release this Korean girl in near future. Though I'll keep releasing various races and faces.
Thank you so much!

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2013.12.22 23:13 Living in Korea

A friend of mine got a free ticket of Craft Trend Fair for me.
So I went there, COEX in Seoul last Friday. 

Some of you would remember that I used to make some articles about Doll Fair in Korea. 

It's the same place. Really big hall with so many artists and companies.

I'm so sorry that they don't hold doll fair anymore.
If they did, I would post some photos for sure.
Anyway, I could see a lot of beautiful craft works there.

Unexpectedly I met one man over there!
Mr. Jae Bum Lee(이재범), my professor of my art college. 

It's been a few years since my graduation!! What a surprise!!

He's a very nice professor and talented artist and he still teaches in college.
Besides he recently published two books about felt art.
One book is a story book for children with a lot of photos of his felt work.
And another one is a felt tutorial book. and he's running a felt studio teaching some students, too.

Anyway he has his room in the show, and I could see his beautiful works in person!
He let me take some photos and share them with you!

Felt is flock of animal fiber. so it ain't easy to make those details. but his work is very detailed and vivid.
I loved them much more in person!!

He has a lot of works about owls which I love!

It was so nice to meet him in a long time and see his lovely works in person.

You can visit his blog for more photos though it's korean web http://blog.naver.com/felter

By the way, my new doll, Madison, will be revealed sooner or later.
I'm just waiting for some things to arrive.

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2013.11.30 23:17 Living in Korea

Today I met one korean female artist, Hwang Myung Hyun(황명현), at one gallery.

In Seoul, there is one famous place, Insa-dong(인사동), which has a lot of traditional korean things like photos, accessory, chinas, street foods and many others. So, many foreign tourists visit here. 

This street is also famous for a lot of art galleries. 

I went there with my friend and we just entered some galleries.

And I met this talented artist, Hwang Myung Hyun.

She was so nice to me. You know I was like a baby artist to her.

In fact, she thought I was a student lol. I also thought she was like a professor in college.

Anyway we had a talk and she was so nice and kind.

She explained to us about her paintings so kindly. I and my friend asked some questions and she answered every question. It was like an interview or something. I loved it :-)

Her painting may seem like a landscape photo or painting at first.

But it's semi-abstraction. She deleted every color of nature and she made her own colors, Blue and White.
She said she really loves the blue color.

At first, she made some unevenness on canvas then she painted on it.

So these paintings like relieve. In this painting, she described this unevenness as energy of mountains.

Blue symbolizes some negative things like sadness and depression.

And White symbolizes the hope. She seemed very positive person and she wanted to express some hope thru her paintings. This is why she painted snow, not ice.

Those paintings were much more beautiful and clean in person.
It's like healing from very pure nature and snow.

Her exibition is currently open at 3rd floor Insa Art Center in Insa-dong, Seoul.
from 27th Nov ~ 3rd Dec.

And this is her email address wha5211@naver.com

She told me I can take pictures of her paintings and upload them on my blog.

If you are visiting in Korea, Please go there to see these beautiful painting in person.
Besides, Insa-dong has a lot of things for foreigners and it's one of the most famous place for tourists that they should visit for sure :-)

Thank you for reading my article.

Have a good time~!

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2013.05.07 13:51 Living in Korea

I don't like Winter. I know It's beautiful season and I love Christmas. but I just hate cold weather.

North Pole is melting because of global warming, and its melted coldness comes down to Asia, and it's freezing!! We used to say Korea has 3 han, 4 on(삼한사온) in Winter, it means 3 days are cold, 4 days are warm in winter of Korea. but it's gone now. It keeps freezing.
But finally Spring came!
Several days ago, I went on a picnic to Seoul Zoo!
It was a wonderful day with perfact weather! Let me share some photos with you!




Beautiful cherry blossom! When wind blows, uncountable petals are flying!!!!
It just makes me happy and praise the Lord. LOL!!
It was like a beautiful fairy tale.





Petals on the road.



Cheetah! My fav wild animal!
I made a cheetah figure for my dolls before.
I saw a lot of animals. I have always loved animals.
It's a very wide zoo, so I was tired but really enjoyed this day.
I hope you feel beautiful spring days, too!!

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2013.03.11 23:32 Living in Korea

If you see korean map, you will see Korea has an island below.
It's the biggest isalnd of Korea and its name is Jeju Island.
I and my family went Jeju for family affair last year.
We should finish this stuff in just one day so we were very busy.
in afternoon everything was finally done!
We just had a little time before airplane so while we were going to airport, we just dropped by one beach for a while.

Jeju has very beautiful beach.
its water was so pure and calm.
its sand was so white but its rocks are so black.
I thought rocks are broken into sands for long time but why those sands are so white...
they made very beautiful scene together.
and there were uncountable tiny hermit crabs. I loved it!!!
We had to move on for airplane.
If you have a chance to visit korea, visit Jesu!

Oh! the beach name is Hyeop-Je.



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2012.06.19 22:21 Living in Korea



I'm enjoyng summer nights here in Korea!
Gentle breeze and beautiful clouds.


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2012.05.02 23:06 Living in Korea

I went to Seoul to purchase some materials for my doll work.
I bought some beautiful fabrics too.
There is a big building which is full of fabric shops, thread shops in Seoul.
After purchasing, I and my friend walked together.
I think it's very beautiful with new green leaves everywhere.
but it was really hot day. it's like summer not spring.





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2012.04.15 21:23 Living in Korea

I can feel Spring in Korea now.
A lot of flowers bloom and there is a cherry blossoms festival in Yoido, Seoul.
they bloom later than last year, so it`s not full bloom yet, but so many people came out to feel spring.
I also went there today and took some photos.






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2011.12.31 19:30 Living in Korea

Therefore we do not lose heart.
Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.

Happy New Year Everybody!
God bless you!
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2011.12.28 18:51 Living in Korea

Recently I visited my cousins with my family.
and they got wonderful dinner for us!
I love korean foods!!!
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