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2013.12.13 00:11 Other works

Today I just made some paper snowflakes for my nieces!
My cousins loved them so much today!

When I started this paper work, my kid niece was like "what is that? Are you making a squid?"
But she was surprised and loved when I finished first one.

And now these are on their window.

I recall my mom used to teach me how to do paper work like this.
I guess I was just like 7 years old or something. I was a tiny kid.
At first, she taught me how to make simple paper bird. then butterfly, flower and snowflake maybe.
I don't remember very well. Anyway she taught me and I still do it :-)

And I made them some foods.
Ddokbokki-the most famous korean street food.
It's very spicy food(Korean people love and enjoy spicy foods), 

but my nieces are young kids so I made it less spicy and more sweet.

And fried rice-cakes.
it's basically same material with Ddokbokki. but I fried them and made sweet spicy sauce.
They really loved them :-)

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2012.08.05 21:42 Other works

My cousin has Galaxy Note and she showed me this one for the first time,

and she wanted me to sketch something using this.
So I tried this for the first time.
Here are a coule of my scribble images.
I loved it cause it shows the power of a brush stroke.
but I'd rather use real pen or pencil. I had not used tablet for drawing. so it wasn't very easy.
I should hold the pen in a right angle, and it has a minute gap between screen and pen.
but I think it's very useful for sudden idea.



You know this gown is the gown of 'Chasing a Butterfly' ;-)

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2012.03.21 20:09 Other works

Our website http://mbluedoll.com will be opened this saturday, 24th!
You can order our doll and read my epilogue with a lot of work process photos!
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2012.01.10 11:40 Other works

I`m still waiting for my moulds...
it would take about 7 days only, but already 3 weeks passed away.
They said they are busy so it would take longer...
I hope I can receive them this week.

Anyway I`m working other things.
I made a butterfly relievo. You`re gonna see what it`s for.
It vary from my original scketch,
its adhesive strength wasn`t very strong so it was difficult to make as my scketch.
but I think it`s ok. it`s just a kind of decoration.
And I`m making an another big thing for my doll. I hope you`ll love it, because I do love it.
I can`t wait to show you but it`s a secret right now ;-)
I`m tired with my long time works, but I`m enjoying my artwork!

Thank you!

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2009.10.17 22:48 Other works
I used to make some dollhouses for 12" dolls like Barbie.
It was before I stared to make Ball Jointed Doll.
I`m not making anymore for I`m making my dolls now and my dolls are bigger than barbie. but Someday I`ll make beautiful dollhouse for my 16" BJD not barbie..
It will be much bigger than former dollhouses..lol

here are some photos from the archives.
there were some lights in it! lol


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2009.03.15 01:46 Other works

Saw woods... and carve them..  2 side, 1 base, and 4 back...total 7 pieces and
some small bits for solid foundation on the points sides and base meet...
It was very difficult for me... after this, My hair was covered with sawdust...
And assemble using glue and cores.

Cut sponges and paint the woods,
and pack sponges with fabric..

Finish! I also decorated it with braid.

I would love to make one again when I have some times.
But I should work my dolls now.
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2009.03.13 11:33 Other works

Before starting building my dolls,
I used to make some furnitures and doll houses.

This is the first item that I sold ever.
Several years ago...Sawing was difficult...

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