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  1. 2015.06.08 New Street Girl
  2. 2015.02.23 Choi HyeJin(new Ball Jointed Fashion Doll)
  3. 2015.01.22 Miss Choi is coming
  4. 2014.07.11 Raven Madison
  5. 2014.07.02 New doll is coming soon.
  6. 2014.04.11 Play time!
  7. 2014.01.27 Madison is available!
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  9. 2013.10.05 How to stand up Mazarine Blue Doll
  10. 2013.07.13 Carmen
2015.06.08 22:00 Dolls

Here is my newest doll to show you.
She is HyeJin Choi Sculpt.
I wanted to make very unique asian beauty on the street.

She dyed her hair into blonde and cut one side!
This unique wig was made by talented Ilaria from Time of Doll.
Floral bustier and shorts with mannish jacket are good for mix n match.
Blue eyes and pink lips made her look so different from her former look.
Hope you like her!

She will go for sale this thursday evening(Korean time)


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2015.02.23 21:18 Dolls

Now my newest doll Choi HyeJin is available at http://mbluedoll.com

She is my first Asian doll.. I wanted to make a very unique doll with open mouth and sculpted teeth.
So.. HyeJin is my first open mouth doll, too.

She has 20 articulations for great poseabilty.
And her beautiful marbling dress is very unique one, too.

I hope you'll like her!!

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2015.01.22 12:38 Dolls

My newest sculpt is coming soon.
Actually her outfit is being delayed, so please wait a little more.
She is very first Asian Sculpt to be released from Mazarine Blue Doll.

She is currently called 'Miss Choi'.
Choi is a kind of Korean Family Names...like Kim or Park.
Since I didn't decide her full name yet, I'm just calling her Miss Choi now.

Her full name will be Choi HyeJin or something..(In Korea, family name comes first)
She has open mouth with shown teeth.

I hope I can reveal Miss Choi soon enough!

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2014.07.11 23:20 Dolls

Now, my latest Raven Madison is available at my website http://mbluedoll.com

My first inspiration was Baby Spice, of the Spice Girls. I designed white dressed blonde young girl at first.
But I changed it into this more mature girl.
With this dark dress and raven hair, I made this haunted set for photoshot.
But I didn't want to make very dark images, so I made those many pieces of butterflies to express more hopeful thing. Even though she is in dark castle, it would be very beautiful and hopeful if so many butterflies come to find her cause they are symbol of freedom. I love this opposite image.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do.

Thanks for reading!

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2014.07.02 23:09 Dolls

I know I seem slow...

This new doll is coming next week.

She has ear-rings!

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2014.04.11 15:09 Living in Korea

A friend of mine invited me and another friend for lunch in her home.
So I visited her home in a long time and they love my dolls so much, so I brought Carmen and Madison with me.

She made Phat-thai, Thai rice noodle for lunch and lovely red tea and pumpkin pie as dessert.

She enjoys cooking so we can taste her foods like muffins or cookies when we meet up :-)

She also loves fashion and fashion photography. She sends me a lot of fashion photos for my doll works, too.
Yesterday, we had a nice dolly play time. She is good at photograph and Carmen and Madison became her models happily.

I just made this silk dress for this play time.
Silk taffeta with a lot of beads and sequins.

This dress is not for sale.

She also made a couple of Channel paper bags in my doll scale.
This blonde curly wig was made by Ilaria and it's one of my fave wigs.

Model: Simply Madison

When we saw this photo on monitor, we were all like "Wow!!"

Just like a magazine cover.
Wig by Ilaria.
Model and Fur: Hermosa Carmen
Necklace : Hermosa Carmen and OOAK necklace by my friend.

This photo was Wow for us, too.
It looks like a campaign on Magazine.
Model & Necklace: Hermosa Carmen
Wig: Ilaria

Dress: Simply Madison

I love profile of her.
I always try to make beautiful profiles on my dolls.

Madison and Carmen.
Red wig also by Ilaria.

It was a nice time with my lovely friends and they are very supportive for me and my dolls. I'm so glad.

I'm sorry they are not new dolls ;-)
I'm working on new things and it will be revealed within a couple of weeks.
I hope you'll love this new one, too.

I was making one Asian head sculpt, but you know other artists released beautiful Asian faces recently.
SO I'm not sure I'll release this Korean girl in near future. Though I'll keep releasing various races and faces.
Thank you so much!

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2014.01.27 22:19 Dolls

Madison is available at our website http://mbluedoll.com

Please visit!

Brand new head sculpt inspired by Britney Spears and Erin Heatherton.

Glamorous blonde curly wig by talanted Ilaria.

Grey sheath dress and black fur vest.

Black bootie and tiny square bag.

Swarovski crystal necklace.

I wanted to make a very chic and urban look that you can try in your real life.

I hope you like her!

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2013.10.17 23:05 분류없음

I have been making 2 new friends of Carmen for next release of Mazarine Blue Doll.
Left one is white girl, right one is black girl.
I think they look as I wanted they to. but they are still sculpey 

and I'll have to choose one first and duplicate it into resin for next release.

I hope you like it!!!

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2013.10.05 21:32 Dolls

I know some people have some difficulty in standing up ball jointed fashion doll.

Not only Mazarine Blue Dolls, but many other resin fashion dolls.

So I made this video. (Basically, My prototype doll in this video is same as dolls I have sold and she was from same molds)

I hope this video helps.

If you get used to doing this, you'll be easily try different poses, too.

BUT, Ball Jointed Dolls are not as stable as plastic dolls because BJD's the biggest distinction is its smooth poseability with 'BALL' joints. So, Usually Ball Jointed Dolls pose better when they are sitting.

And Resin isn't that weak. Of course you should be careful about her fingers or thin joint sockets, 

but they are not easily broken. so don't be too scared to handle your resin dolls.
I've never broken my dolls by now.

I think you should be more careful for their painting, not resin.

I'm not telling you that you can do everything with your doll and you don't need to be careful.

I'm just saying you don't need to be too scared with your resin dolls.

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2013.07.13 20:31 Dolls

Ilaria made several wigs for Carmen.
Here are some photos of her in different wigs!

I think she expresses different images in different wigs from red color to light blonde.
Personally, blonde pony tale is my fav!
It's simple but it looks very fresh and young.
besides, Monroe style looks very classy and red up-do style looks very posh!
I love all of them :-)

I hope you like it!
She will go for sale next week~!











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