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2013.07.13 20:31 Dolls

Ilaria made several wigs for Carmen.
Here are some photos of her in different wigs!

I think she expresses different images in different wigs from red color to light blonde.
Personally, blonde pony tale is my fav!
It's simple but it looks very fresh and young.
besides, Monroe style looks very classy and red up-do style looks very posh!
I love all of them :-)

I hope you like it!
She will go for sale next week~!











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2012.07.09 09:28 Dolls

My new dolls are coming!

Two different versions of Elsa 'Chasing a butterfly'
I had a sketch of a girl chasing a big butterfly.
I have developed this sketch and finally I made this version.
They found a big beautiful butterfly, so they tried to catch her.
Though Elsa had a butterfly net which is not big enough to catch her, they kept chasing and She lead them through dark forest to beautiful garden.
One doll is sold as dressed doll and another doll is nude doll.

Thanks! I hope you like it!!






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2012.07.01 23:40 Dolls



New Dolls are coming soon!

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2012.06.08 18:41 Dolls



I think I haven't show you my works since my last article for a while.
So I decided to share with you a little.

This is New Elsa.

My former Elsa was like fairy-tale. but my new dolls are stronger.

I have 2 dolls to show you currently.
Maybe they will go for sale in a few weeks.

We're making outfits and considering how we will sell them.

Possibly one is dressed doll and another is basic doll?


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2012.04.15 21:31 Doll Work





Duplicated resin pieces of Elsa.
I don`t now how many they are.
I guess I`m rich, LOL.

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2012.04.04 20:58 Dolls

 I tried a blone wig of Tonner on her.
And I think she looks very glamorous in this wig!











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2012.03.24 18:01 Dolls

Oroginal Photos of Elsa.
I didn`t edit official photos of Elsa much because I didn`t need to.
but I want to share a few photos more, which were not edited at all. they were cropped and resized only.
Please see how beautiful her face is!
I do love her hazel eyes!

Click images to see larger images.

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2012.03.21 20:09 Other works

Our website http://mbluedoll.com will be opened this saturday, 24th!
You can order our doll and read my epilogue with a lot of work process photos!
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2012.03.19 19:10 Dolls

My friend Cliff who runs Fashion Doll Empire blog was one of 3 doll collectors who receive Elsa for free.
and He uploaded a lot of photos of Elsa at his Flickr.
Here are a couple of photos of Cliff!

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2012.03.18 17:46 Dolls

click image to see larger sized image

New model of Mazarine Blue Doll, 'Elsa' will be released on saturday, 24th March.
This doll is called 'I'm not alnoe'. She looks very delicated, but she can tame a wild animal.
She is 16.5" ball-jointed-fashion-doll which can share wardrobe with other 16" fashion dolls.
She is made of high quality resin in South Korea and has 18 joints and extra hand parts.
We will open our website which you can order our doll on saturday
and you will be able to see more photos of her and epilogue of my work with a lot of process photos.

God bless!
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