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2015.06.08 22:00 Dolls

Here is my newest doll to show you.
She is HyeJin Choi Sculpt.
I wanted to make very unique asian beauty on the street.

She dyed her hair into blonde and cut one side!
This unique wig was made by talented Ilaria from Time of Doll.
Floral bustier and shorts with mannish jacket are good for mix n match.
Blue eyes and pink lips made her look so different from her former look.
Hope you like her!

She will go for sale this thursday evening(Korean time)


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2015.02.23 21:18 Dolls

Now my newest doll Choi HyeJin is available at http://mbluedoll.com

She is my first Asian doll.. I wanted to make a very unique doll with open mouth and sculpted teeth.
So.. HyeJin is my first open mouth doll, too.

She has 20 articulations for great poseabilty.
And her beautiful marbling dress is very unique one, too.

I hope you'll like her!!

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2014.07.02 23:09 Dolls

I know I seem slow...

This new doll is coming next week.

She has ear-rings!

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2013.10.17 23:05 분류없음

I have been making 2 new friends of Carmen for next release of Mazarine Blue Doll.
Left one is white girl, right one is black girl.
I think they look as I wanted they to. but they are still sculpey 

and I'll have to choose one first and duplicate it into resin for next release.

I hope you like it!!!

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2013.09.13 15:57 Dolls

Carmen dolls were shipped out today.

If you finished your payment, your doll is on the way, please check your email to see your tracking number.

I hope you'll like her!!!!!

I think those clones and dresses are better than my own prototype.
As you know on, Prototype was modified a lot during process to express my imagination better.

so it's not like new doll.

But those clones were usually done at once.
And sometimes we can improve referring my prototype.
Anyway I hope they all will get their new home safely and be loved by their owner ;-)

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2013.05.10 18:01 Dolls


Today I assembled those resin pieces of my new doll for the first time!
I'm so satisfied with her!
Her beautiful skin tone and her details are so cool!
Can you see her details on her back?
I guess I'm showing her back for the first time.
I also love her long beautiful arms.
She is about 17" tall and able to wear a lot of Tyler sized outfits!
Now I'm gonna make her beautiful elegant lady!

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2012.12.29 19:44 Doll Work


I wrote that I was doing secret projects and would share this before this year is over!
And this is it!
I have made new prototype doll secretly and as you can see she is still in process.


I added more joints on her thighs and she has more natural and beautiful body line.
and she is much more realistic than my former dolls.
I didn't want my dolls look sexual so I didn't sculpt a lot of details before.
but I did this time. it's not sexual but realistic.

also thicker legs and thinner wrists make her more natural.
And I tried more realistic hands which are not shown on photo yet.

Her face? Beautiful for sure!!
Her face will be very beautiful in tanned skin expecially!
Expect 2013!!!

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2012.09.21 10:33 Doll Work



My new head in progress was ruined!!

I guess she was 99% finished. just before I made her moulds, I made a small mistake on her face...

and I was gotta use acetone on her face which was not resin yet.

but the acetone was too strong so her face melted.

I just wanted clean the surface only, but It melted her sculpt, too and finally it became like mummy.
I was SO sad and embarrassed.

So I had to sculpt one again just seeing the photos I took before.
and I didn't know that I could sculpt her so fast. I guess it just took 1~2 days only.
Besides it was so similar to original one!!

But I just changed her face a little.
This new sculpt face is almost done again, and I gotta make her ears and rest head part.

I prefer this new one. It will take several days more.


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2012.07.01 23:40 Dolls



New Dolls are coming soon!

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2012.06.08 18:41 Dolls



I think I haven't show you my works since my last article for a while.
So I decided to share with you a little.

This is New Elsa.

My former Elsa was like fairy-tale. but my new dolls are stronger.

I have 2 dolls to show you currently.
Maybe they will go for sale in a few weeks.

We're making outfits and considering how we will sell them.

Possibly one is dressed doll and another is basic doll?


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