2017.01.31 11:38 Dolls

My long time work Gabriella is for sale now at http://mbluedoll.com
She is totally new doll with new head sculpt and new body including extra hands and glove hands.
She still can share many things with other 16" fashion dolls.
you can get more information and story about her.

Thanks :-)

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2016.08.20 23:25 Doll Work

Anybody still coming to this blog?
I was away from the dolly world for several months.. like over half year.
But I was making another prototype of doll.
I can't believe it took such a long time.
I had made a lot of dolls, so I knoq how long it usually takes... but it took quite long time.
I did't know that I could be this obstinate while I was working.
Of course I really worked so hard on my former dolls, too.
But this work revealed my obstinacy that I didn't know that I had.
My new doll is Italian and she is called Gabriella.
She is much more delicate than my former dolls.

I'm finishing my prototype now and it will be duplicated soon.
I can't wait to show you my new doll!!

Soon I'll make a facebook page and write the address here as soon as my doll get ready.



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2015.10.15 17:42 Dolls

In fact my birthday was in September and I was going to sell OOAK Carmen with very discounted price as my birthday event.
But things got delayed and my birthday was gone so far.
Anyway I finished this Carmen and I started to think how  to sell this doll which was supposed to be event doll.
Then I thought, I still want to sell this doll with very discounted price, but not OOAK.

Comes nude with a wig

Only $ 360 + Shipping
(Shipping price can be found here http://mbluedoll.com/main.htm)
She is a ball jointed fashion doll made of High Quality Resin so you would know it's very discounted price.

*Carmen sculpt, Normal skin tone
*17" tall
*20 articulations with very nice poseability
*Some joints are sueded to hold the pose better
*Full facial make-up (Make up can be done with out freckles by request)
*Full body blushing including manicure and pedicure
*One sided dark brunette hardcap wig by Ilaria of Time Of Doll
*Outfits and Stand are NOT included

*Takes about 2 month to ship

More general information about my work can be found here http://mbluedoll.com/main.htm
More photos of my works can be found here https://www.flickr.com/photos/mbluedoll

My paypal address : mbluedoll@yahoo.com
Please email me before payment

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