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2017.01.31 11:38 Dolls

My long time work Gabriella is for sale now at http://mbluedoll.com
She is totally new doll with new head sculpt and new body including extra hands and glove hands.
She still can share many things with other 16" fashion dolls.
you can get more information and story about her.

Thanks :-)

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2015.10.15 17:42 Dolls

In fact my birthday was in September and I was going to sell OOAK Carmen with very discounted price as my birthday event.
But things got delayed and my birthday was gone so far.
Anyway I finished this Carmen and I started to think how  to sell this doll which was supposed to be event doll.
Then I thought, I still want to sell this doll with very discounted price, but not OOAK.

Comes nude with a wig

Only $ 360 + Shipping
(Shipping price can be found here http://mbluedoll.com/main.htm)
She is a ball jointed fashion doll made of High Quality Resin so you would know it's very discounted price.

*Carmen sculpt, Normal skin tone
*17" tall
*20 articulations with very nice poseability
*Some joints are sueded to hold the pose better
*Full facial make-up (Make up can be done with out freckles by request)
*Full body blushing including manicure and pedicure
*One sided dark brunette hardcap wig by Ilaria of Time Of Doll
*Outfits and Stand are NOT included

*Takes about 2 month to ship

More general information about my work can be found here http://mbluedoll.com/main.htm
More photos of my works can be found here https://www.flickr.com/photos/mbluedoll

My paypal address : mbluedoll@yahoo.com
Please email me before payment

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2015.06.11 21:27 Dolls

My new wild girl is available at my website http://mbluedoll.com

Please visit and take a look!


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2015.06.08 22:00 Dolls

Here is my newest doll to show you.
She is HyeJin Choi Sculpt.
I wanted to make very unique asian beauty on the street.

She dyed her hair into blonde and cut one side!
This unique wig was made by talented Ilaria from Time of Doll.
Floral bustier and shorts with mannish jacket are good for mix n match.
Blue eyes and pink lips made her look so different from her former look.
Hope you like her!

She will go for sale this thursday evening(Korean time)


posted by mbluedoll
2015.05.13 22:09 Dolls

OOAK CARMEN in yellow tone normal skin tone with purple eyes.


Nude doll with face up and body blushing

Blonde ponytale wig by Ilaria

Shoes, Ear-rings


posted by mbluedoll
2015.02.23 21:18 Dolls

Now my newest doll Choi HyeJin is available at http://mbluedoll.com

She is my first Asian doll.. I wanted to make a very unique doll with open mouth and sculpted teeth.
So.. HyeJin is my first open mouth doll, too.

She has 20 articulations for great poseabilty.
And her beautiful marbling dress is very unique one, too.

I hope you'll like her!!

posted by mbluedoll
2015.01.22 12:38 Dolls

My newest sculpt is coming soon.
Actually her outfit is being delayed, so please wait a little more.
She is very first Asian Sculpt to be released from Mazarine Blue Doll.

She is currently called 'Miss Choi'.
Choi is a kind of Korean Family Names...like Kim or Park.
Since I didn't decide her full name yet, I'm just calling her Miss Choi now.

Her full name will be Choi HyeJin or something..(In Korea, family name comes first)
She has open mouth with shown teeth.

I hope I can reveal Miss Choi soon enough!

posted by mbluedoll
2014.09.04 20:50 Dolls

Hi, all!

Tomorrow is my birthday!! Yey~~!!

I'm not wanting celebrations from you.
I just want to have a small birthday event :-)

I have one OOAK Carmen. I want to sell this doll for very discounted price!!!
My dolls' usual price is $600~650 + Shipping.

but this OOAK red lips Carmen is just $330 + Shipping  (Doll was Sold, Thank You!!)

-Paypal only

-Your shipping charge can be found here http://mbluedoll.com/shipping.htm

As you know on, it's very cheap price cause it's OOAK and Ball Jointed Fashion Doll.

It's about 50% off from limited edition dolls' price.

But she comes nude. (she will include one hard cap wig by talented Ilaria of Time of Doll)

*I think you can commission hardcap wigs from doll wig artists, Ilaria or Laurie Lenz and commission her dresses from doll dress designer, Miriyum who already have Mazarine Blue Dolls when they accept commissions.

She's not used doll.
I only put her head to my own Carmen's body to take these photos.

Her real bodies are not assembled yet and I'll assemble her when somebody orders.

This OOAK Carmen has full red lips and glanced blue eyes.

Carmen is a beautiful supermodel from Latin America.

This OOAK Carmen is including below

Assembled Doll (Carmen-Real Skin Toned Body, same with Hermosa Carmen)

Facial Make-up with applied eyelashes
Full Body Blushing with manicure and pedicure

Partly Sueded
Brunette up-do ponytail hardcap wig by Ilaria

Doll Stand, Shoes, Dress, Accessories are not included.

More general information about my dolls are found at my website http://mbluedoll.com

If you want to order her or have some questions, please feel free to email me mbluedoll@yahoo.com


(She will comes with this beautiful wig)

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2014.07.11 23:20 Dolls

Now, my latest Raven Madison is available at my website http://mbluedoll.com

My first inspiration was Baby Spice, of the Spice Girls. I designed white dressed blonde young girl at first.
But I changed it into this more mature girl.
With this dark dress and raven hair, I made this haunted set for photoshot.
But I didn't want to make very dark images, so I made those many pieces of butterflies to express more hopeful thing. Even though she is in dark castle, it would be very beautiful and hopeful if so many butterflies come to find her cause they are symbol of freedom. I love this opposite image.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do.

Thanks for reading!

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2014.07.02 23:09 Dolls

I know I seem slow...

This new doll is coming next week.

She has ear-rings!

posted by mbluedoll