2016.08.20 23:25 Doll Work

Anybody still coming to this blog?
I was away from the dolly world for several months.. like over half year.
But I was making another prototype of doll.
I can't believe it took such a long time.
I had made a lot of dolls, so I knoq how long it usually takes... but it took quite long time.
I did't know that I could be this obstinate while I was working.
Of course I really worked so hard on my former dolls, too.
But this work revealed my obstinacy that I didn't know that I had.
My new doll is Italian and she is called Gabriella.
She is much more delicate than my former dolls.

I'm finishing my prototype now and it will be duplicated soon.
I can't wait to show you my new doll!!

Soon I'll make a facebook page and write the address here as soon as my doll get ready.



posted by mbluedoll