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2015.02.23 21:18 Dolls

Now my newest doll Choi HyeJin is available at http://mbluedoll.com

She is my first Asian doll.. I wanted to make a very unique doll with open mouth and sculpted teeth.
So.. HyeJin is my first open mouth doll, too.

She has 20 articulations for great poseabilty.
And her beautiful marbling dress is very unique one, too.

I hope you'll like her!!

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2014.11.18 22:40 Doll Work

Today's work.

I'm making new head sculpt as always lol

Left one is original and she was like 99% finished,,, 

but I thought she needs stronger structure so I remade this right one duplicating her face.
So basically they have the same face but I modified this new one slightly differently...
As a result, no big difference! I know sometimes I go a little bit too sensitive about sculpture..LOL

I don't know which will be better, but I'm finishing these two sculptures.
This new girl will be very unique either way.
I hope I can reveal my new doll this winter.

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2014.09.04 20:50 Dolls

Hi, all!

Tomorrow is my birthday!! Yey~~!!

I'm not wanting celebrations from you.
I just want to have a small birthday event :-)

I have one OOAK Carmen. I want to sell this doll for very discounted price!!!
My dolls' usual price is $600~650 + Shipping.

but this OOAK red lips Carmen is just $330 + Shipping  (Doll was Sold, Thank You!!)

-Paypal only

-Your shipping charge can be found here http://mbluedoll.com/shipping.htm

As you know on, it's very cheap price cause it's OOAK and Ball Jointed Fashion Doll.

It's about 50% off from limited edition dolls' price.

But she comes nude. (she will include one hard cap wig by talented Ilaria of Time of Doll)

*I think you can commission hardcap wigs from doll wig artists, Ilaria or Laurie Lenz and commission her dresses from doll dress designer, Miriyum who already have Mazarine Blue Dolls when they accept commissions.

She's not used doll.
I only put her head to my own Carmen's body to take these photos.

Her real bodies are not assembled yet and I'll assemble her when somebody orders.

This OOAK Carmen has full red lips and glanced blue eyes.

Carmen is a beautiful supermodel from Latin America.

This OOAK Carmen is including below

Assembled Doll (Carmen-Real Skin Toned Body, same with Hermosa Carmen)

Facial Make-up with applied eyelashes
Full Body Blushing with manicure and pedicure

Partly Sueded
Brunette up-do ponytail hardcap wig by Ilaria

Doll Stand, Shoes, Dress, Accessories are not included.

More general information about my dolls are found at my website http://mbluedoll.com

If you want to order her or have some questions, please feel free to email me mbluedoll@yahoo.com


(She will comes with this beautiful wig)

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2014.03.29 13:24 Dolls

Hi, Thanks for loving my latest doll, Madison, too.

I'm so glad.

Now I'm making new face sculpt.

I love my Carmen and Madison sculpts, but I don't want to repeat same sculpts over and over again.

I'll use those faces again, but I just want to develop another faces, too.

I have made Latin american girl, Carmen and Canadian girl, Madison.

This new girl is another race, too. Yes, I want to make various races of dolls.

I hope I can finish this work quickly and show you soon enough, but I know it always takes long time.

But before showing my new sculpted girl, I'll show you another work, too.

I hope you'll like it.

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2014.01.18 23:28 Dolls

My new doll Simply Madison is coming soon.

I had a big delay and problem from Chinese factory.

I still haven't received her shoes, but finally it's on the way now.

I hope I can reveal her full shot very soon.

Elsa had sweet colored dresses like fairy tale and Carmen had very luxury look.

But this time I designed very chic look for Madison. Maybe you can try this look in your real life.

Sheath dress and fur vest are very wearable but still sexy and chic.

I really want to show the whole look and hope you'll love it.

Madison's skin tone is much lighter than Carmen, but not that pale.

It's just more pinky than normal skin tone of usual BJDs.

And I modified her knees and ankles a little, so maybe she will be better at standing.

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2013.12.25 20:22 Dolls

Preview of Madison

She is almost done.
As soon as we finish everything, we will take better photos to share with you.

In fact, I made a very unique necklace for her and I loved it.

but I found it makes some black scratches on her neck.
I don't know why. It doesn't make them on original resin dolls, 

but it does on the dolls that were blushed and sealed.
So I'll make another necklace for her.

I hope you're having merry Christmas~!!

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2013.11.27 19:16 Dolls

Finally I received so many resin pieces of my upcoming doll, Madison!

(It was delayed so much, and I'm tired of those delays which seem to happen so often to me)

She is going to be faced-up soon and go for sale!
I love her cheekbone, it's like real model bone to me :-)

I was inspired by Britney Spears and Erin Heatherton of Victoria Secret for this sculpt.

They both look very lovely and sexy at the same time.
But I changed her face a little the way I wanted it to be.

Her skin tone is bright pinky tone and I love it.

and her motion seems fine without suede, too.

I guess she doesn't need to be sueded as much as Carmen.
I can't wait to finish her and show you very soon!!

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