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2014.09.04 20:50 Dolls

Hi, all!

Tomorrow is my birthday!! Yey~~!!

I'm not wanting celebrations from you.
I just want to have a small birthday event :-)

I have one OOAK Carmen. I want to sell this doll for very discounted price!!!
My dolls' usual price is $600~650 + Shipping.

but this OOAK red lips Carmen is just $330 + Shipping  (Doll was Sold, Thank You!!)

-Paypal only

-Your shipping charge can be found here http://mbluedoll.com/shipping.htm

As you know on, it's very cheap price cause it's OOAK and Ball Jointed Fashion Doll.

It's about 50% off from limited edition dolls' price.

But she comes nude. (she will include one hard cap wig by talented Ilaria of Time of Doll)

*I think you can commission hardcap wigs from doll wig artists, Ilaria or Laurie Lenz and commission her dresses from doll dress designer, Miriyum who already have Mazarine Blue Dolls when they accept commissions.

She's not used doll.
I only put her head to my own Carmen's body to take these photos.

Her real bodies are not assembled yet and I'll assemble her when somebody orders.

This OOAK Carmen has full red lips and glanced blue eyes.

Carmen is a beautiful supermodel from Latin America.

This OOAK Carmen is including below

Assembled Doll (Carmen-Real Skin Toned Body, same with Hermosa Carmen)

Facial Make-up with applied eyelashes
Full Body Blushing with manicure and pedicure

Partly Sueded
Brunette up-do ponytail hardcap wig by Ilaria

Doll Stand, Shoes, Dress, Accessories are not included.

More general information about my dolls are found at my website http://mbluedoll.com

If you want to order her or have some questions, please feel free to email me mbluedoll@yahoo.com


(She will comes with this beautiful wig)

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2014.04.11 15:09 Living in Korea

A friend of mine invited me and another friend for lunch in her home.
So I visited her home in a long time and they love my dolls so much, so I brought Carmen and Madison with me.

She made Phat-thai, Thai rice noodle for lunch and lovely red tea and pumpkin pie as dessert.

She enjoys cooking so we can taste her foods like muffins or cookies when we meet up :-)

She also loves fashion and fashion photography. She sends me a lot of fashion photos for my doll works, too.
Yesterday, we had a nice dolly play time. She is good at photograph and Carmen and Madison became her models happily.

I just made this silk dress for this play time.
Silk taffeta with a lot of beads and sequins.

This dress is not for sale.

She also made a couple of Channel paper bags in my doll scale.
This blonde curly wig was made by Ilaria and it's one of my fave wigs.

Model: Simply Madison

When we saw this photo on monitor, we were all like "Wow!!"

Just like a magazine cover.
Wig by Ilaria.
Model and Fur: Hermosa Carmen
Necklace : Hermosa Carmen and OOAK necklace by my friend.

This photo was Wow for us, too.
It looks like a campaign on Magazine.
Model & Necklace: Hermosa Carmen
Wig: Ilaria

Dress: Simply Madison

I love profile of her.
I always try to make beautiful profiles on my dolls.

Madison and Carmen.
Red wig also by Ilaria.

It was a nice time with my lovely friends and they are very supportive for me and my dolls. I'm so glad.

I'm sorry they are not new dolls ;-)
I'm working on new things and it will be revealed within a couple of weeks.
I hope you'll love this new one, too.

I was making one Asian head sculpt, but you know other artists released beautiful Asian faces recently.
SO I'm not sure I'll release this Korean girl in near future. Though I'll keep releasing various races and faces.
Thank you so much!

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2013.09.18 18:11 Dolls


This is Chuseok, korean thanksgiving day.
It's one of the biggest holidays in Korea.

We have the full moon and delicious foods with family.

Some of you already received Carmen dolls, and some parcels are still on the way.

(I'm checking tracking numbers everyday and they told me some countries take longer time than others)

And I really appreciate about sweet comments and reviews about Carmen.

We are very small company.

I'd rather say, I'm just an artist who works with a few people.
So we still want to develop our dolls more and more.

Please feel free to email me mbluedoll@yahoo.com for your thought about Carmen in person.

Good things or bed things. Anything will help us :-)

Anyway, Carmen is still available at our website http://mbluedoll.com

and I'm also planning next doll, too.

I hope she will be revealed before winter. and she won't be Carmen.

She will be a friend of Carmen. and I'm not sure if she will be black or white, yet.

Cause I have some face images in my head right now and one of them is almost finished.

but I don't know if I'm going to go on with this sculpt in process. I can change it.

(My early sketch for Carmen face)

I recommend one music video for it's korean holiday.

This music is very asian traditional and beautiful.

She sings her ad rib part just like a korean traditional instrument. People were shocked..lol
It's called '인연'(Fate), sung by Sohyang aka Korean Mariah Carey.

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2013.09.13 15:57 Dolls

Carmen dolls were shipped out today.

If you finished your payment, your doll is on the way, please check your email to see your tracking number.

I hope you'll like her!!!!!

I think those clones and dresses are better than my own prototype.
As you know on, Prototype was modified a lot during process to express my imagination better.

so it's not like new doll.

But those clones were usually done at once.
And sometimes we can improve referring my prototype.
Anyway I hope they all will get their new home safely and be loved by their owner ;-)

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2013.08.31 00:38 Dolls

Hi! We are still working on dolls that you ordered.
Many things are done now.

But we need a little more time to finish all things.

Bodies, wigs and dresses are done, but we are still working on face, shoes and other things.

We currently expect that Hermosa Carmens will be shipped out in 2nd week of September.

If you didn't pay your remainder and shipping charge, you can pay thru our website now.

And Carmen isnot' sold out yet, so if you want her, you can still order Carmen :-)

Please write your phone number when you pay deposit or remainder.
Korean post office requires phone number for safer shipping.
So that post officer can call you in case you're not home when he visits your house with parcel.


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2013.07.13 20:31 Dolls

Ilaria made several wigs for Carmen.
Here are some photos of her in different wigs!

I think she expresses different images in different wigs from red color to light blonde.
Personally, blonde pony tale is my fav!
It's simple but it looks very fresh and young.
besides, Monroe style looks very classy and red up-do style looks very posh!
I love all of them :-)

I hope you like it!
She will go for sale next week~!











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