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  1. 2014.01.18 Madison
2014.01.18 23:28 Dolls

My new doll Simply Madison is coming soon.

I had a big delay and problem from Chinese factory.

I still haven't received her shoes, but finally it's on the way now.

I hope I can reveal her full shot very soon.

Elsa had sweet colored dresses like fairy tale and Carmen had very luxury look.

But this time I designed very chic look for Madison. Maybe you can try this look in your real life.

Sheath dress and fur vest are very wearable but still sexy and chic.

I really want to show the whole look and hope you'll love it.

Madison's skin tone is much lighter than Carmen, but not that pale.

It's just more pinky than normal skin tone of usual BJDs.

And I modified her knees and ankles a little, so maybe she will be better at standing.

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