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2014.11.18 22:40 Doll Work

Today's work.

I'm making new head sculpt as always lol

Left one is original and she was like 99% finished,,, 

but I thought she needs stronger structure so I remade this right one duplicating her face.
So basically they have the same face but I modified this new one slightly differently...
As a result, no big difference! I know sometimes I go a little bit too sensitive about sculpture..LOL

I don't know which will be better, but I'm finishing these two sculptures.
This new girl will be very unique either way.
I hope I can reveal my new doll this winter.

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2013.10.19 23:05 Doll Work

This girl is one of my two heads in process.

I have always wanted to make more realistic heads.

I think this is pretty human-like.
I want to finish all my work and send them to factory right now so they can make them resin dolls.

but it always takes loooooong time. 

Carmen will be very happy to see her new friend lol.

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2013.10.17 23:05 분류없음

I have been making 2 new friends of Carmen for next release of Mazarine Blue Doll.
Left one is white girl, right one is black girl.
I think they look as I wanted they to. but they are still sculpey 

and I'll have to choose one first and duplicate it into resin for next release.

I hope you like it!!!

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2013.04.19 19:38 Dolls


Yey~ I finished new prototype and took her to dulpicator today!
This time I try two color skin tones.
One is 'Pinky Normal Skin Tone' that my former dolls, Elsa and Dahl have

and Another is a little daker skin tone which is called 'Real Skin Tone' among doll factorys.
My duplicator showed me many sample color resin pieces and I chose this color.
It's a kind of Tan skin tone and very natural and beautiful color.
It will take 2 weeks or more to duplicate this to many dolls and then I will start sewing her beautiful dress!
In fact I already have some designs for her but since I have 2 more weeks, I will try some more other designs.


She is first doll that I made by Sculpey.
I used to use it partly for long time, but it's first time that I use for entire body.
I loved her motions in sculpey and I do hope she will still pose wonderfully when she is a resin doll.

I have made several BJDs myself for years.
When I finish something like this, I start to care..like 'Is she really finished? Or I missed something?'
Then I go checking doll pieces then I find it's good enough.
Then I worry again and check.
I repeat it again and again.
But since she is in factory and I can't go checking again and it's very stressful!!
I just should believe she will be turned out beautifully!


Let me take some break first!

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2013.03.06 19:21 Doll Work


I know I'm soooo slow!!
But keep working somehow.
I just want her to be my ultimate female doll among my dolls.
Sorry I hide her face. I don't want to show you her face yet.

Her one leg and feet should be done.
but I will arrange her entire body, too.

I wish I can finish making this prototype within this month

and send her to duplication factory next month!!


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2012.11.01 10:35 Doll Work

I want to share my process of Dahl with you.




Sculpey mass at first time.
it looks ugly...lol
I used to make sculpey eye balls for sculpture,

But I use metal balls instead.
As you can see, pouty mouth was my first intention.


It got better but still very different from DAHL.
I wanted her to look rounded like asian somewhat.
It doens't mean she needs very sharp eyes to look like an asian a little,

but she doesn't have double eyelid and she has flat profile.


She will look like a Caucasian in blonde wig,
but she will be like an Asian in raven wig.
Gemma Ward, famouse for her babyface, was a part of my insprations,

but I was inspired by other model who appeard in korean TV, too.
I just see so many photos of models or people,

and I imagine one look in my head.


I was satisfied by her.
Actually I used various materials not only suclpey but also sibatool or resin for head,
but this time I tried sculpey only for the first time.


I made her ears later.
But still not finished... I arranged her more and more.


Surfacer Work.
Surfacer is kinda coating spray.
and it's grey color so you can find parts which need to be modified easily.


Make-Up work progress.
Sorry it's iphone camera.


Bustier Making.



Discharge Printing on bustier.
and made panties.
I tried several patterns for panties. very simple but ain't easy lol.
I wanted its waist line to be low.
though it's tiny, it was lined.


The camera lens was very bright. so she looks so pale in photos,
But her skin tone is 'normal skin tone'.
I love her poseability.


So this is Dahl Process.

I hope you love my article and my new doll, Dahl!!
You can order her at my website http://mbluedoll.com
Thank you so much!!!

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2012.10.11 23:32 Doll Work


I would show this new model later but I wanna share this photo now.
Sorry I made this image more cloudy cause it's just a sort of teaser.
But I think you can imagine her a little.
She's very different with my other dolls.
My dolls usually have sharp bone structure and not-big eyes.
but as you can see, she is more rounded and has very big eyes.
I'm about to make moulds of her very soon.
So I have two new sculpts in progress and I hope you'll like them.

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2012.10.10 20:03 Doll Work


I know it doesn't look very clean but this how I sculpt.
It's very easy to be messy when I sculpt my dolls so I do need newspapers on table.

There is a new model that I'm sculpting now. Elsa's head and torso are for size checking of new head.
I use super sculpey when I sculpt especially face because sculpey is very easy for modeling.
I had used various materials and I'm using sculpey more than others now.
There are some old tools that I have been using for years. it looks very old but very useful to me.
I have more tools which are not shown, but I don't have very many things.

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2012.09.21 10:33 Doll Work



My new head in progress was ruined!!

I guess she was 99% finished. just before I made her moulds, I made a small mistake on her face...

and I was gotta use acetone on her face which was not resin yet.

but the acetone was too strong so her face melted.

I just wanted clean the surface only, but It melted her sculpt, too and finally it became like mummy.
I was SO sad and embarrassed.

So I had to sculpt one again just seeing the photos I took before.
and I didn't know that I could sculpt her so fast. I guess it just took 1~2 days only.
Besides it was so similar to original one!!

But I just changed her face a little.
This new sculpt face is almost done again, and I gotta make her ears and rest head part.

I prefer this new one. It will take several days more.


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2012.06.19 22:27 Doll Work


My unnamed doll in progress. I think her face is unique with strong born structure.

Since she has open mouth, I think she will be beautiful when her lips are painted fully.

I keep imagining her painted face.


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