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2015.06.08 22:00 Dolls

Here is my newest doll to show you.
She is HyeJin Choi Sculpt.
I wanted to make very unique asian beauty on the street.

She dyed her hair into blonde and cut one side!
This unique wig was made by talented Ilaria from Time of Doll.
Floral bustier and shorts with mannish jacket are good for mix n match.
Blue eyes and pink lips made her look so different from her former look.
Hope you like her!

She will go for sale this thursday evening(Korean time)


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2015.01.22 12:38 Dolls

My newest sculpt is coming soon.
Actually her outfit is being delayed, so please wait a little more.
She is very first Asian Sculpt to be released from Mazarine Blue Doll.

She is currently called 'Miss Choi'.
Choi is a kind of Korean Family Names...like Kim or Park.
Since I didn't decide her full name yet, I'm just calling her Miss Choi now.

Her full name will be Choi HyeJin or something..(In Korea, family name comes first)
She has open mouth with shown teeth.

I hope I can reveal Miss Choi soon enough!

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2014.10.08 00:19 Doll Work

I have been working these faces.

They are still in process but I can show your their faces now.

I don't know which girl should be my next doll.

I hope you like them.

They have very unique faces..

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2014.07.11 23:20 Dolls

Now, my latest Raven Madison is available at my website http://mbluedoll.com

My first inspiration was Baby Spice, of the Spice Girls. I designed white dressed blonde young girl at first.
But I changed it into this more mature girl.
With this dark dress and raven hair, I made this haunted set for photoshot.
But I didn't want to make very dark images, so I made those many pieces of butterflies to express more hopeful thing. Even though she is in dark castle, it would be very beautiful and hopeful if so many butterflies come to find her cause they are symbol of freedom. I love this opposite image.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do.

Thanks for reading!

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2013.11.27 19:16 Dolls

Finally I received so many resin pieces of my upcoming doll, Madison!

(It was delayed so much, and I'm tired of those delays which seem to happen so often to me)

She is going to be faced-up soon and go for sale!
I love her cheekbone, it's like real model bone to me :-)

I was inspired by Britney Spears and Erin Heatherton of Victoria Secret for this sculpt.

They both look very lovely and sexy at the same time.
But I changed her face a little the way I wanted it to be.

Her skin tone is bright pinky tone and I love it.

and her motion seems fine without suede, too.

I guess she doesn't need to be sueded as much as Carmen.
I can't wait to finish her and show you very soon!!

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2013.09.18 18:11 Dolls


This is Chuseok, korean thanksgiving day.
It's one of the biggest holidays in Korea.

We have the full moon and delicious foods with family.

Some of you already received Carmen dolls, and some parcels are still on the way.

(I'm checking tracking numbers everyday and they told me some countries take longer time than others)

And I really appreciate about sweet comments and reviews about Carmen.

We are very small company.

I'd rather say, I'm just an artist who works with a few people.
So we still want to develop our dolls more and more.

Please feel free to email me mbluedoll@yahoo.com for your thought about Carmen in person.

Good things or bed things. Anything will help us :-)

Anyway, Carmen is still available at our website http://mbluedoll.com

and I'm also planning next doll, too.

I hope she will be revealed before winter. and she won't be Carmen.

She will be a friend of Carmen. and I'm not sure if she will be black or white, yet.

Cause I have some face images in my head right now and one of them is almost finished.

but I don't know if I'm going to go on with this sculpt in process. I can change it.

(My early sketch for Carmen face)

I recommend one music video for it's korean holiday.

This music is very asian traditional and beautiful.

She sings her ad rib part just like a korean traditional instrument. People were shocked..lol
It's called '인연'(Fate), sung by Sohyang aka Korean Mariah Carey.

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2013.08.31 00:38 Dolls

Hi! We are still working on dolls that you ordered.
Many things are done now.

But we need a little more time to finish all things.

Bodies, wigs and dresses are done, but we are still working on face, shoes and other things.

We currently expect that Hermosa Carmens will be shipped out in 2nd week of September.

If you didn't pay your remainder and shipping charge, you can pay thru our website now.

And Carmen isnot' sold out yet, so if you want her, you can still order Carmen :-)

Please write your phone number when you pay deposit or remainder.
Korean post office requires phone number for safer shipping.
So that post officer can call you in case you're not home when he visits your house with parcel.


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2013.05.21 16:00 Dolls




I received a request about my new doll's poseability.

Here are some pix!
Sorry for photo quality. I said I would make this article soon.
And I took some quick photos.

She has no make-up yet. Actually I assembled this new clone for this article today.
and she has normal skin tone.
Assembled real skin toned clone is used for dress making now.
When her make-up and beautiful dress are done, I'll take better photos!!
Please understand this lady didn't want to reveal her face without make-up ;-)

Just see these photos to know her poseability please.


She poses like a dream!
Some sockets were sueded.

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2012.06.17 22:16 Doll Work



I'm making a new model of Mazarine Blue Doll, a friend of Elsa.

This unnamed girl has very unique face. Maybe she's not a typical beauty.

But I think she will be very attractive when she is faced up.
She has open mouth, small eyes and big high cheekbones.

Currently I don't have any plan of selling her cause I don't know when I will finish her.
Just working. and I have another idea of new face which is more oriental.

but Let me finish this one first.

Anyway I have 2 looks of Elsa wich will be shown in a few weeks.


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2010.02.03 23:30 Doll Work

It`s been long time since my last article.
I`m recently working on new doll. I`ve tried some outfits, some make-ups etc...
and I`m also trimming original doll cause it got some damages while it was duplicated in silicone molds.
I don`t know when it will be finished. I hope I can finish it and show you my new doll soon.

posted by mbluedoll